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Where do you source the almonds?

We only use bee friendly, premium almonds grown in the fertile soil of California.

Do you source argan oil ethically and sustainablly?

Yes. We are committed to the sustainability and preservation of argan trees and only work with suppliers that are committed to promoting education and socioecconomical opportunities for women and their families. Our suppliers work with local volunteers to give back to the local community.

How do I know if the argan oil is high quality?

We only use premium virgin argan oil, which has a distinct fresh, nutty flavor. Argan oil is very light, not greasy. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure the high quality of the ingredients we use.

Do you use white sugar in your products?

No. We don't use sugar. We only use organic natural sweeteners with low GI (glycemic index) values: unfiltered raw honey, raw coconut nectar and raw blue agave nectar. 

Do you source palm oil sustainably?

Absolutely! We work diligently to make sure our supply chain is as transparent as possible. We only source organic, fair traded and Non-GMO Project Verified palm oil. As a member of RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), our supplier is as committed to a clean, transparent supply chain as we are. Together, we preserve the environment and make our future brighter.