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Why is your name Au'some Foods? Did you spell it wrong?

Haha. Thank you for asking. We didn't spell it wrong. Au is the chemical symbol for gold. It represents argan oil and the gold standard we uphold as a team. We strive to be Au'some everyday and we invite you to be Au'some with us. 

What are the benefits of argan oil?

Being the most nutritious and sought-after nut oil in the world, argan oil has twice as vitamin E as olive oil and is praised for its powerful antioxidant properties.

Can I use argan oil in cooking?

Of course! Argan oil has been used in cooking, salads, and dips for centuries in European and Mediterranean regions. We only use the purest form of argan oil so you can enjoy all the health benefits it offers. 

Why is argan oil so expensive?

Due to the increasingly high demand and low supply, the price of argan oil has been climbing up steadily. We work diligently with our supplier to ensure argan oil is accessible to as many customers as possible. 

Do you have a RAW product?

Yes. Our Raw Almond Butter with Agave Nectar is RAW because we use raw almonds and raw blue agave nectar, and stone grind the product at a low temperature. 

I want to use almond butter in my protein smoothie and baking. What product should I use?

If you don't want add any extra sweetness to your smoothie or cooking, we recommend our Almond Butter with No Sugar Added.